Zach Ellis and his psych-folk-rock outfit TAOTSS (The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman) are hometown heroes at Brooklyn rock venues like Muchmore’s, Silent Barn, and Sunnyvale. They’re the kind of band nobody wants to have to follow, but everybody wants to share a bill with. Describing TAOTSS’ sound becomes an exciting game of ‘what if’….

What if Neil Young came out of the grunge movement? What if Ty Segall was a little more poppy? What if guitar rock, folk and garage made a weird baby? CMJ describes Ellis’ work as being “sprung from Lou Barlow-like crinkly pop, the marauding melodies, two-or-more guitar dualing and shadowy stories move it into dark urban alley territory.”

The latest EP, Bare Bones II: Electric Earth combines indie pop, tortured love, small town apathy, big city dreams crashing, and hazy introspection. Scenes of youthful angst, road trip freedom, modern love, rock club insanity, and altered minds could benefit greatly from a little TAOTSS.

Soundtaxi is extremely proud to have TAOTSS on our roster, and we hope you enjoy!

Checkout the playlist: TAOTSS Playlist

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