Northern Assembly Flirt With Death

Denmark’s leading folk rockers, Northern Assembly, are prepping the release of their latest album Death Won’t You Marry Me? The somber title, however, betrays the lush, warm and earthy sound the record carries, brimming with life and soft light.

The lead single, “One Day I Will Return” is set for release on August 25th. The track, is a tender picture of longing, and returning to find your heart. The kind of song that inspires joyful waterworks, and heartfelt smiles for the right scene.

Through a little trickery (pleading), Soundtaxi has also been able to make available the album cut “Stand With Us”. The title says it all. The perfect soundtrack to scenes of resolution and solidarity. The track’s somber feel, allusions towards unity, and burst of sunshine at its climax make this a great song for scenes dealing with themes of social justice, resolution and unity.

You can listen to the tracks here
One Day I Will Return
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One Day I Will Return Instrumental
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Zach Ellis and his psych-folk-rock outfit TAOTSS (The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman) are hometown heroes at Brooklyn rock venues like Muchmore’s, Silent Barn, and Sunnyvale. They’re the kind of band nobody wants to have to follow, but everybody wants to share a bill with. Describing TAOTSS’ sound becomes an exciting game of ‘what if’….

What if Neil Young came out of the grunge movement? What if Ty Segall was a little more poppy? What if guitar rock, folk and garage made a weird baby? CMJ describes Ellis’ work as being “sprung from Lou Barlow-like crinkly pop, the marauding melodies, two-or-more guitar dualing and shadowy stories move it into dark urban alley territory.”

The latest EP, Bare Bones II: Electric Earth combines indie pop, tortured love, small town apathy, big city dreams crashing, and hazy introspection. Scenes of youthful angst, road trip freedom, modern love, rock club insanity, and altered minds could benefit greatly from a little TAOTSS.

Soundtaxi is extremely proud to have TAOTSS on our roster, and we hope you enjoy!

Checkout the playlist: TAOTSS Playlist

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Romantic Moods From Trailer Composer Michael Maas

Michael Maas has become a go-to trailer composer for TV spots in recent years. Westworld, The Walking Dead, Maze Runner, Supergirl, Amazing Spiderman 2 and other genre hits all boasted TV spots featuring Maas’ compositions.

Soundtaxi is proud to have him on our team. Maas is a master of building rising a crashing tensions, and sweeping emotional swells of romance and danger. Here, Michael gets romantic, perfect for those tender scenes. Check out Michael’s playlist here, and let us put Michael’s creativity to work for you!

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Checkout Michael Maas’s romantic mood playlist