Curated Playlists

Soundtaxi knows that our customers are busy getting their projects done and making them perfect. Sometimes searching for the right music can be a lengthy task. Soundtaxi constantly creates playlists suitable for every possible campaign mood and feel for the advertising community (including some industry specific lists).

We also dig deep to help find examples of the best possible sounds for ever conceivable genre of film or television program. This helps our customers reduce their search time, and even discover producers and artists on our team that specialize in the style of music they’re looking for.

Soundtaxi at Reeperbahn Festival NYC

Soundtaxi attended the Reeperbahn Festival NYC last week at the trendy downtown venue Pianos. CEO Heiko Willy, and COO Darius VanSluytman, who runs our NYC office took in some acts, and made some great in-roads with a host of music professionals interested in acting and operating internationally.

During the event, the duo were stunned by Heartbeat Management artist, the Danish electronic act Lydmor. Painted in electric day-glo body paint and hopping around club tables, Lydmor who blended an early Bjork aesthetic with elements of trap and electronic pop. A definite star in the making. The pair rounded out the event talking with internationally respected music pros like Corinna Poeszus.

It’s always incredible being surrounded by emerging talent, and music executives who understand that globalization demands looking everywhere for new talent, and figuring out the intricacies of operating in multiple markets. We had a great time, and we’re very much looking forward to attending Reeperbahn Hamburg in September!

Just a perfect place

Perfect place to come together having a coffee or a beer 😉 or playing table football. So if you are nearby, just drop in! #soundtaxi #soundtaximusic #synchmusic #musicproduction #trailermusic #jinglemusic #musicmatters #musicisemotion #wework

Welcome to 77 Sands

Welcome to #77Sands! Just follow me for some impressions! #soundtaxi #soundtaximusic #synchmusic #musicproducer #trailermusic #jinglemusic #musicmatters #musicisemotion

Brooklyn office opened

Today is the day! Soundtaxi is proud to announce the opening of our Brooklyn office! We’ve brought some of our music production muscle to the city that never sleeps. More locations. More music. More Soundtaxi! #soundtaxi #synchmusic