Our gift to content creators

Our customers work hard crafting the best content for streaming, advertising, film and television. ‘Tis the season to start putting the final touches on your holiday content…and Soundtaxi is here to help!

We’ve assembled two playlists this year! One of holiday standards, and one heavy on original holiday music from our roster of composers and producers that will help give your work a seasonal creative boost. Whether you’re looking for a little Christmas cheer…a little holiday blues…or something completely different, as always, Soundtaxi has you covered!


The Soundtaxi Music Team

Northern Assembly Flirt With Death

Denmark’s leading folk rockers, Northern Assembly, are prepping the release of their latest album Death Won’t You Marry Me? The somber title, however, betrays the lush, warm and earthy sound the record carries, brimming with life and soft light.

The lead single, “One Day I Will Return” is set for release on August 25th. The track, is a tender picture of longing, and returning to find your heart. The kind of song that inspires joyful waterworks, and heartfelt smiles for the right scene.

Through a little trickery (pleading), Soundtaxi has also been able to make available the album cut “Stand With Us”. The title says it all. The perfect soundtrack to scenes of resolution and solidarity. The track’s somber feel, allusions towards unity, and burst of sunshine at its climax make this a great song for scenes dealing with themes of social justice, resolution and unity.

You can listen to the tracks here
One Day I Will Return
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One Day I Will Return Instrumental
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Reach out with any questions!

When The Bass Drops…and the Neighbors Complain…Don’t Blame Us

Bass music, one of electronic dance music’s most beloved genres, has been causing seismic shifts on dark dance floors for some time. The term can easily confuse the uninitiated, but once that low frequency/high amplitude combination hits, the definition is clear. Hard driving dance music, with an emphasis on low end domination, whether its drum ‘n bass, dubstep, or house you’ll know its bass music when you hear it.

Soundtaxi has created a new playlist of Future Bass music. These are the latest top tunes from our cutting edge producers, pushing bass to the edge of sound. Great for campaigns and projects focused at youth, or need an underground vibe. These tracks are also perfect for fashion, and scenes addressing “the new cool”, technology, altered states, and future dreams.

Listen to Future Bass Playlist

Not to frighten you…but Halloween is coming fast!

Good content producers are always ahead of the curve…and Soundtaxi’s customers are the best of the best. As summer begins to wind down, and fall projects lurk in the corners, we know our customers are getting ready.

Get the jump on getting your content assets in order, by adding Soundtaxi’s Halloween playlist to the mix. Add high quality original music to your project, and give your content the fright-filled edge it needs for the season.


Leading Ad Music Firm Opens NYC Office

Soundtaxi has been the industry leader in music for advertising (online, televised, POS product films) in Germany for ten years. Last month, we opened a New York office to better serve our US clients.

Our home office has racked up placements for German branches of BBDO, McCann, Grey, Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB and others. Agencies have sourced music from our meticulously curated library, or our composers have created exciting original music.

We’ve landed placements with leading brands from McDonald’s and Sony Playstation to Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Coca Cola, Puma, and other leading brands across categories.

We’d love to get to know you, and discuss ways Soundtaxi can put our reputation for providing quality content to work for you.

Checkout our work reel

Darius VanSluytman

GA-DE Frida Gustavsson #coolcorporate #lifestyleandbeauty

GA-DE Frida Gustavsson from Soundtaxi on Vimeo.

GA-DE Frida Gustavsson #coolcorporate #lifestyleandbeauty
You’re the beauty!

Track: Brooklyn Streets
Artist: Nassouh El Hichri

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Soundtaxi’s Spotlight Festival 2017 Recap

Soundtaxi recently attended the Spotlight Festival 2017 in Stuttgart. The Spotlight Forum CONNEXION panel session inspired some great perspectives from industry leaders in advertising content creation who joined festival director Michael Preiswerk in the conversation.

The panel identified one the largest challenges in modern ad content to be the ever-shrinking length of ads. Stefan Wübbe, Creative Director of Kolle Rebbe (Hamburg) went so far as to describe “20 seconds, advertising” a “creative zone of death,“ citing a number of issues creatives struggle with producing prerolls, midrolls and ad content for Facebook or YouTube.

However, from new problems arise new solutions. Hartmut Kozok, Creative Director of Grabarz & Partner (Hamburg), urged content creators to adapt, applauding brands and agencies who can successfully pull off creating scores of small ads a year.Martin Prost, Creative Director of Antoni, the agency started by Mercedes-Benz, however, takes a different tack.

Prost cites that Antoni was born out of Mercedes’ desire to “be focused“ in their marketing content. He warned that sometimes, meeting modern ad content demands (numerous ads, short on content), may in fact, create what he described as a fading image for brands. He cited his firm’s successful ‘Grow Up’ campaign lensed by fashion photog icon, Alice Moitié, as an example of brands and creatives working closely together to deliver strong content that connects with consumers.

Miliane Nani Meimeth of Trigger Happy Productions (Berlin) seemed to echo Prost’s notion of working more closely with creatives. She appealed for, increasing personal exchange between agency account execs, and the creatives. She believes integrating content producers earlier in the creative process might be the key to successfully navigating the demands of modern ad content production Her mantra for producers, can be said to embody the ethos of the panel, “Dialog. Dialog. Dialog.“

Soundtaxi has worked with many of these firms, staying ahead of the curve on modern ad content. Produced short effective pieces, and working directly with agencies and brands is how we do business. We encourage our clients, friends, and partners and everyone in the ad music community to become a part of the solution, creating a new industry standard that keeps us all moving forward!