Rising EDM Production Duo Join Soundtaxi!

Rising EDM Production Duo Join Soundtaxi!

Winter is in full swing, but things are heating up for Soundtaxi! The American Southwest is known as a haven for EDM music. The desert sun has created an eternal summer vibe even in its coldest months…a never-ending festival vibe that inspires musicians in a unique way.

Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, pop production/performance duo Toxic Hearts know how to get the party started. Comprised of Ryan Alexander and Tyler Fiore, the duo has been making some waves in the blogosphere, receiving accolades for their ability to keep dance floors moving. Lush modern EDM/pop production, perfect for adding sleek youthful, Top 40 vibes to your content! We’re proud to continue bringing you the best in electronic music!


Not to frighten you…but Halloween is coming fast!

Good content producers are always ahead of the curve…and Soundtaxi’s customers are the best of the best. As summer begins to wind down, and fall projects lurk in the corners, we know our customers are getting ready.

Get the jump on getting your content assets in order, by adding Soundtaxi’s Halloween playlist to the mix. Add high quality original music to your project, and give your content the fright-filled edge it needs for the season.



Zach Ellis and his psych-folk-rock outfit TAOTSS (The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman) are hometown heroes at Brooklyn rock venues like Muchmore’s, Silent Barn, and Sunnyvale. They’re the kind of band nobody wants to have to follow, but everybody wants to share a bill with. Describing TAOTSS’ sound becomes an exciting game of ‘what if’….

What if Neil Young came out of the grunge movement? What if Ty Segall was a little more poppy? What if guitar rock, folk and garage made a weird baby? CMJ describes Ellis’ work as being “sprung from Lou Barlow-like crinkly pop, the marauding melodies, two-or-more guitar dualing and shadowy stories move it into dark urban alley territory.”

The latest EP, Bare Bones II: Electric Earth combines indie pop, tortured love, small town apathy, big city dreams crashing, and hazy introspection. Scenes of youthful angst, road trip freedom, modern love, rock club insanity, and altered minds could benefit greatly from a little TAOTSS.

Soundtaxi is extremely proud to have TAOTSS on our roster, and we hope you enjoy!

Checkout the playlist: TAOTSS Playlist

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Advertising & Music Licensing – (Soundtaxi at the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference Pt. 2)

The importance of advertising is certainly not a new concept within the music licensing community. Recently, however, with the help of synch deals, music publishers are supplanting labels as the driving force in the music business, and advertising plays a major role in this shift.  Soundtaxi attended the Advertising: New Path To The Charts panel (sponsored by Ole, rising stars of marrying music and marketing strategy) at the recent Billboard Film & TV Music Conference in Hollywood late last month. Music execs for leading ad agencies and publishers came together, illustrating just how important synch is, in driving artist success stories.

To put things in perspective, Gary Miller, VP Film/TV Music for Universal Music Publishing Group shared that Alex Clare’s breakout hit “Too Close” sat at a paltry 3,000 units sold before that famous Microsoft Internet Explorer ad.  After?  4 million units sold.

Also in attendance was Imagine Dragons producer Alex Da Kid, himself symbolic of the importance of repeated exposure in creating a hit.  The psychology behind repeated radio spins relating to fan/customer adoption of a certain band or song, holds true in advertising (how many times have you heard Imagine Dragons’ “Radiocactive” in an ad?).  In fact, it was revealed that Imagine Dragons’ music has been used in 200 spots and counting (web, television, etc.).  A little clearer why we all love the tune, right?  We hear it everywhere.

When asked if being mindful of synch opportunities was something he considered when producing tracks, Alex stated that while he doesn’t want the spotlight on advertising deals to “get in the way”, he is more mindful of its importance than ever in his production process.  Sounds like a polite way of saying “yes” to us.   Who can blame him?

Jeannette Perez, VP Music for Brands & Advertising for Sony Music discussed how advertising deals have become a key part of record release strategies.  She noted that Kelly Clarkson’s 2011 album “Stronger” was released one week prior to the popular Toyota ad featuring the song of the same name.  The “Stronger” single was released the following week.  To date, the single has sold 5 million copies.  Translation:  These things don’t happen by accident.

The bottom line here is that synch deals are becoming more than a hopeful source of secondary income for artists and labels.  It is sometimes the key to unlocking the full potential of a project.  We, at SoundtaxiMusic, have been making this priority one for some time, just take a look at our work.  We have been successful in licensing music to globally recognized brands, and will continue our efforts to make this a priority focus of our business.

While we certainly don’t wish to tell our affiliates how to make art…we do think that our writers, producers and composers must become agile thinkers, if in fact securing synch deals is a priority for you as an artist.  Enhancing your strategy in composing only enhances our efforts in marketing your material, which of course enhances both our chances of landing that one synch that could change your life forever.  Music licensing continues to become an increasingly important aspect of the business, and Soundtaxi will continue to stay ahead of the curve.