When The Bass Drops…and the Neighbors Complain…Don’t Blame Us

Bass music, one of electronic dance music’s most beloved genres, has been causing seismic shifts on dark dance floors for some time. The term can easily confuse the uninitiated, but once that low frequency/high amplitude combination hits, the definition is clear. Hard driving dance music, with an emphasis on low end domination, whether its drum ‘n bass, dubstep, or house you’ll know its bass music when you hear it.

Soundtaxi has created a new playlist of Future Bass music. These are the latest top tunes from our cutting edge producers, pushing bass to the edge of sound. Great for campaigns and projects focused at youth, or need an underground vibe. These tracks are also perfect for fashion, and scenes addressing “the new cool”, technology, altered states, and future dreams.

Listen to Future Bass Playlist

Romantic Moods From Trailer Composer Michael Maas

Michael Maas has become a go-to trailer composer for TV spots in recent years. Westworld, The Walking Dead, Maze Runner, Supergirl, Amazing Spiderman 2 and other genre hits all boasted TV spots featuring Maas’ compositions.

Soundtaxi is proud to have him on our team. Maas is a master of building rising a crashing tensions, and sweeping emotional swells of romance and danger. Here, Michael gets romantic, perfect for those tender scenes. Check out Michael’s playlist here, and let us put Michael’s creativity to work for you!

For more information on Michael Maas, just reach out!

Checkout Michael Maas’s romantic mood playlist