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Perfect place to come together having a coffee or a beer 😉 or playing table football. So if you are nearby, just drop in! #soundtaxi #soundtaximusic #synchmusic #musicproduction #trailermusic #jinglemusic #musicmatters #musicisemotion #wework

Welcome to 77 Sands

Welcome to #77Sands! Just follow me for some impressions! #soundtaxi #soundtaximusic #synchmusic #musicproducer #trailermusic #jinglemusic #musicmatters #musicisemotion

Brooklyn office opened

Today is the day! Soundtaxi is proud to announce the opening of our Brooklyn office! We’ve brought some of our music production muscle to the city that never sleeps. More locations. More music. More Soundtaxi! #soundtaxi #synchmusic

GA-DE Frida Gustavsson #coolcorporate #lifestyleandbeauty

GA-DE Frida Gustavsson from Soundtaxi on Vimeo.

GA-DE Frida Gustavsson #coolcorporate #lifestyleandbeauty
You’re the beauty!

Track: Brooklyn Streets
Artist: Nassouh El Hichri

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Shoegaze Legends The Veldt Join Soundtaxi

We’re excited to announce, that seminal shoegaze band The Veldt has joined Soundtaxi, and we’re proud to offer their reunion EP The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur for synch. Originally formed in the 90s, the band rose to prominence with their acclaimed album Afrodisiac, a record that sits proudly on Pitchfork‘s The 50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time list.

Describing the new record to music supervisors, we’d say its a psychedelic trip through big city dive bars, and small town roadhouses. An adventure through alternate realities, hazy lust, strange goodbyes and stranger hellos. It is angst, apathy and love collapsing in on itself. It is every scene of millennial self-destruction and forgotten Gen-X’s lingering disillusionment.

Guitarists Danny Chavis and Hayato Nakao whip an effortless velvet haze over filtered electronic drums. Daniel Chavis’ powerfully subdued vocals offer a tension spectrum that is at once serene, mournful and sensual. The songs soar with a melancholic beauty that seems prophetic, with a heady emotional impact that takes listeners along on a waking dream.

The band hasn’t missed a beat. In fact, their new material, in some places exceeds their best 90s offerings. One of the best reviewed self-relesed records of 2016 with nods from The Guardian and Wax Poetics, the album was recently re-released by Raleigh based indie label Schoolkids Records.

Listen to Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur here!


Pioneering 90s shoegaze outfit, The Veldt, is spearheaded by Twin brothers Daniel and Danny Chavis, originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. An alt-rock band with a black frontman, blending psych, authentic southern soul, and ghostly guitars, was an anomaly in a scene dominated by white British bands. However, they quickly commanded the scene’s attention, winning an early fan in alt-rock icon Robin Guthrie (of Cocteau Twins fame).

When the The Veldt disbanded, the Chavis brothers formed Apollo Heights, a thriving New York indie band, finding even more acclaim with a record produced by Guthrie, and collaborations with artists ranging from Mos Def to TV on the Radio and Mike Ladd. They are also featured in the award-winning documentary Afro Punk (2003). Their efforts have cemented the Chavis brothers’ positions as both indie rock icons, and pioneers in alternative African American music.

The meteoric resurgence of dream pop in today’s landscape is the perfect moment for The Veldt’s return. We’re proud to be a part.

Acuna Boyz on Soundtaxi

The Acuna Boyz, UK based masters of progressive and classic house have been go to producers in dance music and remixes for over a decade. Their breakout hit was the 2006 banger “Living It Up” with Marie Louise. The track spawned a number of remixes, catapulting the duo into the spotlight, leading to residencies at dance mecca Pacha NYC.

By 2007, they were tapped by Sony Music for international remixes, and worked closely with EMI and UK Radio 1 to break dance singles, including the Euro-pop classic “Toca’s Miracle” by Fragma. Their hard work, led to a thriving label, and the sample pack company, Busloops. As it stands today, dance producers world-wide are crafting dancefloor masterpieces…with a little help from the Acuna Boyz. 

Their label has since become a digital distributor for AcunaADCSAcunadeepABPCelebrationClub TraxxSickSharkSun Global RecordsSports Fitness Media, and Pastel Lounge Records, clocking in a mind-boggling number of releases. The Boyz have secured UK Top 40 hits, synch deals, and special licensing opportunities like Sky TV

Soundtaxi is proud to represent the legendary Acuna Boyz check their playlist: here

Sync Summit – NYC 2016

We had an incredible time at this year’s Sync Summit – NYC 2016. Mark Frieser did a woderful job assembling the top music supes from film, TV and advertising. Great insights to advancements in existing and upcoming software, and data analysis tools certain to impact how the business of synch music is done. And of course great insights to the growing music licensing space.

News from the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference Pt. 1

SoundtaxiMusic attended the Billboard Film & Television Music Conference last week in Hollywood (quite appropriately).  We had a few great meetings, and made some wonderful contacts to better serve our producers and composers.  We also came back with a wealth of information about the state of the industry….good and bad.

First the bad news…  The most distressing, information was the general consensus among professionals, that rates for licensing are coming down.  That’s from some of the industry’s most respected music publisher reps and music supervisors.  At the conference’s The Expanding Role of Music Publishers panel discussion, many echoed the sentiment.  Brian Lambert, head of Film and Television Music for Universal Music Publishing noted that in addition to this, there were also far “fewer films being made.”  The industry is struggling with falling rates, fewer films in production and falling budgets.

The trend of independent film production companies shooting with smaller budgets and then seeking distribution with larger studios, has helped shift the economics of music budgets.  With the production phase out of major studios’ hands, music budgets understandably fall to what an independent company is capable of paying.  The news was a bit discouraging, with publishers and licensing companies warned to begin managing the expectations of their writers.

However, there is a bright side.  The good news is, the panel agreed there are more licensing opportunities than ever before.  While big studio films may be declining in frequency, there is an overall boom in multimedia (web series, online ads, growing number of television programs, etc.) opportunities for music.  Soundtaxi has been ahead of the curve on this trend, and we continue being an industry leader in Europe, placing our writer’s material in online campaigns and web videos with the same dedication we pay to film, television and commercial synch deals.

Because there are more opportunities, this has shifted the overall perception of music publishers.  Panel moderator David Hirshland, EVP Client Services with BMG/Chrysalis noted that this may be the first year where royalty revenue generated from licensing might outpace revenue generated from mechanical royalties (i.e. sale of records).  With this changing landscape, it is important for both publishers and writes to draw new conclusions even as they manage expectations on up-front pay.

P.J. Bloom of Neophonic got the entire crowd buzzing as he noted, these days “you can’t get to radio without getting the synch.”  The simple translation being: licensing the right song to the right property can catapult the careers of recording artist hopefuls.   In that regard, publishing arms of major companies…as well as independents like Soundtaxi stand a great chance of being the “record labels of the future” so to speak as marrying the right song with the right image can help create a new hit…but more on that with Part 2 of our Conference Roundup.