Soundtaxi Signs Taylor Dukes

Rising singer-songwriter, Taylor Dukes is an indie pop artist, who put herself in the spotlight by understanding the power of partnerships in music. A European tour in 2015, lead Taylor to a gig at an Aloft Hotel in Brussels. They loved her. In short time, they asked her back to do shows at other Aloft hotels around Europe. In 2016, when Aloft held a competition to tour even more of their locations…Taylor swept it all up, winning an incredible opportunity, and landing herself in The Huffington Post.

Soundtaxi is no stranger to partnerships between brands and music. Pairing the right image or right brand with the right song is our everyday mission, and we’re happy mission control brought Taylor to our attention. Taylor has a natural smokey bluesy voice, coveted among singers, injecting a soulful gravity to her pop performances.

Taylor has entrusted us a set of songs that is soulful and honest. She isn’t your garden variety singer-songwriter, and in synch, that goes a long way.